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I received a DUI/DWI in Washington, D.C….now what?

Updated: Apr 20

This is the first question I receive when I have a client call me. "What do I do now?"

Immediately, the first thing I discuss is your license. The reason being? You have 10 days or 15 (depending on if you are a D.C. resident) to schedule a hearing. If not? Immediately, your license is revoked.

The second thing I always ask is "did you blow into the breathelyzer?" There is no good answer to this unfortunately, every case is different as to if you should or should not do it. There are many other factors that impact your case rather than just this test.

From then on, every case is different and it takes an experienced DUI/DWI lawyer to know what happens next; call me NOW so we can discuss 276-492-0671

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